About Joy Squad and Founder Lee Collier

Lee Collier

Combine generosity, fun-loving and thoughtful, and you have Lee Collier. Serving as Founder of Joy Squad, Inc.,  Lee takes on challenging responsibilities, such as marketing and promotions.  She is a master party planner, professional networker, and excellent relationship builder. Her impressive background in nonprofit management allows her to utilize her fundraising and volunteer management skills while cultivating and building relationships. In addition to her 22 years in the business development and fundraising arenas, Lee is also infectiously enthusiastic. She’s also very passionate about community involvement and connectivity. Ask her about how to fold a fitted sheet. It’s her secret talent. 

Core Values

We are mission-driven. We believe in being present by connecting with transparency, dignity, and respect. We deliver the very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for results. We promote a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome. We act with courage and kindness. We embrace our shine to help others find theirs. We search for opportunities that encourage others to spread joy and make a difference through genuinely doing good for others. 

Our Mission & Vision 

We uplift others through creating and implementing ideas with one solid and straightforward agenda: to spread joy.

Our power of gratitude, kindness, and appreciation will ignite and promote a culture that instills the benefits of always choosing joy. Our actions led by compassion will inspire and encourage others.